Stay Cool on Your Next Camping Trip

There are those who not only love the outdoors but love the heat that comes with it and there are those that love the outdoors but would like to stay cool while enjoying their time with nature.

So what is the solution?  You guessed it, the portable camping air conditioner!

There were a few different options for staying “sweat free” on your next outdoor adventure depending on what your looking for exactly.

Option #1: The Portable Air Conditioner for Your Tent or RV


This is a truly inventive little unit and packed with features:

  • 12 volt power supply
  • No vent required
  • No freon
  • Dehumidifies

The unit runs on ice and water or it can use frozen gel packs as well.  Now while that sounds great to all those environment conscious folks out there (since no freon is used) it can be challenging if you are truly out there roughing it.  Yogi just doesn’t have any ice to lend you for you air conditioner!  But if you are not quite the guy who is camping out in the middle of now where, this unit might be for you.

Option #2:  The Portable Personal Air Conditioner


Warning, be careful with this one because your friends and family members will try to steal it from you when you aren’t looking!

These awesome mini ac units provide a personal cool box breeze when you need it most. While they aren’t going to exactly provide you with an arctic chill, we think they are a great idea for when you need something to keep you cool while you stay active and enjoy nature at it’s best!

Just add water and your personal cooling system is ready to go!

Now please remember that this is a small handheld unit.  It is not going to reproduce anything remotely close to your house unit, window unit or portable ac unit so DO NOT EXPECT IT TOO!  We see so many reviews out there written by people complaining that these personal ac devices don’t cool them down.  Well, if you are expecting to be kept cool outside on a 95 degree day with just this little hand held unit then don’t waste your time or money.

However, if you want something to give you a little relief or keep at your desk or computer for some extra cooling at work or at home, then this is a good investment!